Monday, February 13, 2012

Versatile blogger award!

Last week Dana from The Sunshine Bride awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award!

I'm so honored, and now it's my turn to share the bloggy love! Dana's an awesome girl, and she's going to be a beautiful bride. If you are planning a wedding, or know someone who is, be sure to check out her blog for great DIYs, fashion trends, planning tips, and other wedding advice.

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them (see above).
2. Tell 7 things about yourself (see below).
3. Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they’ve received an award.

Seven Things About Me

1) I planned my own wedding with many DIY elements. We set the date for the weekend before my undergrad graduation (and just days before my last set of final exams). At times I severely questioned my sanity, but the end result was well worth all the work.

2) I received my B.S. degree in developmental psychology.

3) I love to climb things (trees, cliffs, walls, etc), and I could climb out of my crib before I could walk.

4) I almost never measure when I am cooking, unless I'm keeping track of quantities in order to share the recipe with you all.

5) I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I now have six tattoos, and I have designed each of them.

6) Not only am I an only child, I was an only grandchild on both sides of my family until I was about 10 years old. I always made out like a bandit at Christmas!

7) My mom & step-dad moved to Ireland when I moved to California. They are having a fabulous time adventuring in across the verdant green hills (you can read all about it her blog, listed below).

Fifteen Blogs I Love

1) White Lights on Wednesday: Delicious recipes. I can't wait to try her beef stroganoff recipe! Julie also has some really cool tattoos.

2) Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen: Lots of recipes. This is where I got the inspiration for my crock pot teriyaki chicken.

3) Newsworthy Noms: Mouthwatering recipes with a healthy twist.

4) The Domestic Rebel: Decadent semi-homemade and homemade desserts. Hayley takes amazing photographs of all her sweets too!

5) Dwell on Joy: Great recipes and the occasional DIY.

6) Loopy Loop Creations: Crafts and recipes from the very creative Donna.

7) Whipperberry: Recipes, giveaways, and fun linky parties!

8) That's What Che Said: Awesome DIY tutorials and inspiration. Cheryl is so bubbly & happy.

9) Nelkin Designs: Laura is a super talented knitter. Her blog makes me really want to learn how to knit.

10) My Year on Pinterest: She makes one thing that she's found on Pinterest every day.

11) Etsy Artisans of San Diego: The blog site for our local Etsy team (EASDC).

12) Kila Rohner: Design, inspiration, and fun from a fellow EASDC Etsian.

13) Liz Dueñas Photography - Tile Art Creations: Another fellow member of the EASDC team.

14) Balls to the Wall, Y'all: Robin is hilarious. Be sure to check out the cards she sells on Etsy too.

15) Expats in Ireland: Hear about my mom's adventures across the ocean.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments Monica and award for Dwell on Joy! I think you should celebrate your award with those Caramel-Banana-Pecan muffins! You've made my day!!!

    1. You're welcome Sarah! That's a great idea :) I'll be sure to let you know when I make them!

  2. Thank you for featuring me and for the sweet compliment, Monica!

  3. Thank you Monica, It is an honor to be included in your list. I love the blogging community. Your blog is lovely.

  4. Thanks for listing my blog... I am honored to be in such great company!!!! (and you do need to learn to knit!)


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